Friday, June 11, 2010


Had to take Quatro to the doctor today, so Hubby and I conquered and divided, and I took the younger two while he worked at home supervising the older two.

He may have had the easier job. :)

Quatro had woken at 5am, napped briefly on the 20-minute drive to the office, and was clearly tired... and wouldn't you know, it was the morning that the doctor was running not 15, not 30, not even 60, but NINETY minutes late.

Ninety minutes in a small waiting room with an active 2-1/2 year old toddler, and a newly-walking, can't-hold-me-down one year old.

I really, really wish I had started snapping photos early on in this adventure. I would have photographed Quatro accidentally pulling over an oversized one of those wire rollercoaster moving type of toys (pictured right) on top of himself and crashing to the floor (he giggled; he wasn't phased, but everyone in the waiting room gasped and held their breath)... and lovable Cubby repeatedly trying to embrace a guy in the waiting room who clearly was NOT amused... and Quatro picking up the in-reception phone and babbling into it (I honestly could have sworn it was an unplugged dummy phone, but later realized it was not)... and Cubby throwing a mini tantrum when I took away the baseball book that he kept chucking across the room... and Quatro high-tailing it to the main office door so fast that I didn't have time to move him away before, wouldn't you know, that second the door flung open as another patient came in, thus bonking him squarely in the forehead... and Cubby trying desperately to lovingly "whack" a calm little seven month old baby...

By the time we finally got ushered to our own exam room, the boys were still being good, but were understandably beyond restless. At least we had a change of scenery.

And speaking of scenery, the exam room boasts ceiling to floor windows that moment- arily take your breath away when looking down from five floors up. My kids LOVED them and showed no hesitation or fear, but decided to pound repeatedly on them. I could not keep them away. It drew them like magnets. And it had me completely nervous the entire time.

Quatro, who is proving to dislike any time of confinement, found that he could reach the door handle exiting the exam room, which naturally I would not allow him to do. Pictures are better than my description here. The sweet love, he was just so antsy, I wish he could have understood that he simply had to stay inside the room to play. Sigh.

The boys also found the doctor's swirly whirly chair to be immeasurably amusing. Round and round and round, until Cubby flung off in a dizzy twirl and the legs of the chair rolled right over Quatro's bare feet. At some point during this swirling the doctor FINALLY walked in, apologizing profusely (I do love this doctor, he was just attending to some especially sick kids today), and since his chair was occupied, sat in a little patient chair to chat with me.

Thankfully, in all seriousness, the health reports for Quatro were generally positive and showed some improvement, and I would gladly sit through hours and hours of waiting rooms with any number of my children if it meant good health, a priceless gift.

Still, I DO wonder if I was being punk'd.

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