Friday, June 4, 2010

Excitement du jour...

We were getting ready for a swim yesterday afternoon when it started getting all weird in the sky; no rain, just super dark clouds and swirling whirling wind. We have these massive oak trees in the yard surrounding the pool area, and I felt a bit nervous. I mean, it was windy, and suddenly. As I watched the sky, I announced that we were not going to hang out in the lanai area, as I was a bit nervous about a branch or tree crashing down on us. My MIL later admitted she thought I was a bit cooky, worrying too much...

As I held the baby and corralled the boys in through the door into the garage area, we heard a loud bang. Instead of opening the garage door, MIL suggested we take a peek outside the guest house front door, and wow were we surprised to see this completely blocking the door and the view outside:

The boys were SOOOO excited. Uh....... I was more fearful, wondering what the heck had happened and what if any damage had been done. Time to investigate further. I opened the main garage door, furthest from the guest house door, and were we ever surprised to see that a half dozen huge branches had fallen in front of the guest house and the third garage door.

Imagine a bunch of little boys, who absolutely love trees and excitement, seeing massive branches down in front of the yard. Realizing of course that everything was fundamentally ok (thank God, really... it could have so easily landed on the house), they started winding up. "Mom! Check this out!" and "Can we climb it?" and "We gotta get a chainsaw and hack that thing up!" and "Hey! Let's crawl inside of there!"

So this morning, my wonder-parents arrived with chainsaws in hands to start chopping and bundling the tree. The boys were out there bright and early, even before breakfast, eager for the project to begin. And it was done in no time, thanks to the expertise of Baba and help from his crew which included Nana, the boys, and Papa.

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