Saturday, June 5, 2010


Recently, I estimated that it would cost approximately $12,960, give or take, to have the boys' hair cut over the course of the next 18 years.

$12, 960.

Should I first start with all the amazing things I could DO with that amount of money? Let's see. A tummy tuck is the first thing that comes to mind. Also, that would pay for a housekeeper twice monthly for the next several years. I could put it into a fund a buy a sports car by the time my kids were all out of the house.

As you may imagine, I decided I would learn to cut hair.

With the help of a few hairdresser friends, a great pair of scissors, some serious paying attention when I do take them to a real salon, and a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse videos on my computer, I have managed to do a semi-decent, socially acceptable job of giving my boys haircuts over the past few years.

Enter my husband making continuous suggestions about giving the boys crew cuts for the summer. "It's summer! You know what that means! Time for crew cuts!" Then, "I think you'd look great with a crew cut!" And, "Wow! Sometime you will be able to get a crew cut!"

Although I was a bit hesitant (hey, something to worry about while I was up in the middle of the night - could I pull off giving a crew cut? Would Tadpole LOOK ok with one?) I took a clue and asked the Hubby for clippers and suggestions. Thank goodness for the tutorials on Wikipedia, etc, these days, since I didn't get much in the way of advice. And the clippers, it turns out, are designed for facial hair removal, not necessarily thick, overdue-to-be-cut, little boy head hair removal, but how was I to know?

The crew cut took three times as long as my regular cuts. When all was done, I think it turned out well. All things considered, and that this was my first child's crew cut. Hubby did think that it needed a bit of touching up, and took him to his barber. So I got a few pointers on perfecting my buzz cutting for the next time.

Now all the kids want crew cuts. And I can see why... how adorable, handsome, and awesome is THIS:

Although, this kid would look adorable, handsome, and awesome no matter what haircut he had. :)

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