Thursday, November 5, 2009


Tigger turned three this week. What a cute age on that kid, I cannot believe it. I am sure I say that about each of my kids at each age, but good grief. His words, his funny faces, his humor?ok not his ear piercing screams. But the rest: adorable adorable adorable. I am so in love.

But I digress. So my mom asked him last week what he wanted for his birthday. Thinking carefully and after a suspenseful pause, he confidently replied "Mickey Mouse underwear!"

This is what I love: in a world of bigger and better and lights and sounds and action and flashiness... the little guy wanted underwear.

The other gifts have been played with, fought over, and taken to show and tell already, but it's Mickey who has caused him giddiness every morning.

And THAT is adorable.

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