Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh What a Night

Was thinking tonight about how amusing (I’m trying to see the humor in this) are the ‘surprises’ that await me in the night these days versus 10 years ago.

Ten years ago it looked like this: a phone call from a friend at 2am upset about her horrible late-night chat with an ex-boyfriend, a spontaneous decision at 10pm to go meet some friends out for a drink, a movie marathon with my roommates at midnight on Friday because we’re awake and bored and hey, we can sleep in the next day… you get the idea, and I’m trying to keep it tame here.

Nowadays it looks like this: unexpected inconsolable cries from the baby who doesn’t usually wake up as early as 9pm, whining at 5am from my four year old whose covers are messed up, little boys crawling into my bed at midnight wanting a cuddle because they just had a bad dream… or, like last night (wait, all of these things happened last night) a full blown shower and a stinky load of laundry at 2am because my one year old just had a massive diaper blowout requiring immediate attention.

Yeah, my nights are certainly a bit different these days.

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