Friday, November 13, 2009


Here's one that I can't figure out. Tigger, newly three, is going through a phase where he changes his clothes numerous times in any given day.

I would not at all think of him as clothing obsessed, fashion forward, or a budding designer. He doesn't change clothes to play dress up, and he's not girly in an "oooh-let's-try-THIS-cute-number-on" way.

It is, in fact, so subtle that I barely noticed it coming on until I started wondering what's with the 20% increase in laundry and why doesn't Tigger ever have any "short pants" in his drawer.

My powers of observation were clearly focused on my own personal workload, not my son's appearance.

One day I clued in, though, because I had specifically noted (and wondered if I should meddle with the fact) that he had oddly selected orange shorts and a red t-shirt to wear to school in the morning. I do typically make it a rule to let my kids choose what they wish to wear, only directing them if it is not appropriate for the occasion or the weather.

Not fifteen minutes after he was ready, he disappeared into the bedroom and came out wearing a different shirt. I asked him why he changed, hoping in that short span of time he had been gifted with newfound fashion sense, but figuring that perhaps he had just spilled pancake syrup all over the tee.

He replied by just shrugging his shoulders and making an adorable “who knows!” kind of face, and went about his business. At which I made it MY business to investigate. The t-shirt was perfectly clean, thrown into the dirty clothes hamper. Hmmm.

Must’ve been a random fluke, and I’ve got better things to focus on, I thought to myself. Plus, in the spirit of my new fave book The Power of Positive Parenting, I decided not to draw attention to it, since behavior that is given attention is typically repeated.

But the next day I noticed this clothes change again. So I started watching more closely. Tigger would disappear for quiet time or to go potty or in search of a toy, and emerge from the bedroom with something new on. Socks, underwear, shorts, shirts… but something. I have counted up to 9 changes in one day. All for no apparent reason.

I have confronted him a few times, always with the same nonchalance and simply replies.

Honestly, it’s like he just gets completely BORED with the item and is ready to move on. It’s seriously the only explanation I can come up with.

Needless to say, I have started requesting his help with the laundry. Luckily he thinks hurling clothes into various baskets and then into a huge whirling drum is kinda fun.

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  1. My girls change constantly too. It drives me nuts. Laundry up to my ears.