Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sleeping Bookworm

My little Tigger has always been a bit wacky when it comes to sleep. Out of all the kids, he is the one who seems to put himself to bed when he's tired, who is awake hours after the others have fallen asleep, and who naps in all sorts of crazy positions.

The latter prompted me to photograph a week's worth of napping. You'll notice that most of the time slumber has been induced by book reading... he takes after his Momma!

Day 1 - Under the bed

Day 2 - Reading his favorite, Curious George

Day 3 - Reading George again

Day 4 - Didn't make it to bed this time

Day 5 - No nap today!
Day 6 - The Incredibles made him incredibly tired

Day 7 - Notice the neat, fixed bed and animal friends... so sweet

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