Sunday, May 30, 2010

A May of Milestones

It's been a month of milestones, of "wow, these boys are getting big!" events... so many that I haven't had time to blog about them all! Here are just a few of the fun things that have been happening.

Quatro is learning to walk! So far, in the month leading up to his first birthday, he has consistently taken 6-7 steps on his own. And lots of steps with the help of his brothers :)

Tadpole and Tigger finally got to bunk the beds that Baba made for them! Mommy was a wee bit nervous about this transition, but only one mishap so far when Tigger fell out of bed and bonked his nose in the middle of the night.

Tadpole and Tigger have also been swimming like FISH! After just a month of having the pool open, the boys went from floaties and splashing to jumping into the deep end and swimming to the edge by themselves. Here's a video from early in the month:

I can't find a picture of this, though I find it hard to believe I haven't taken one, but another fantastic milestone: Tadpole has learned to tie shoes! Yeah!!!! Amazingly enough, this bright kid picked it up in one short session of teaching. After showing him about 5 times, he successfully tied his own shoes, and has been tying them ever since. On Friday, their last day of school, I even witnessed him tying them for his brother Tigger. HOW CUTE. And, might I add, very helpful to Mommy!

Cubby's major milestones have been verbal! The kid's speech has skyrocketed, no pun intended for my rocket, airplane, Shuttle loving boy. Here he is counting down to launch, several times:

And speaking of rockets, the most recent Shuttle launch on 5/14 was beautifully seen from our house. We watched the countdown and first 15 seconds or so on the TV, then ran outside to our street where we saw the fire and contrail clearer than ever before. Check this out!

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