Friday, December 4, 2009

Man Talk

It was obvious that the widespread downpours meant that the older two boys did not get out on the playground at school this morning, because it took less than five minutes upon arrival back at home before they were wrestling and tackling each other.

Several times I thought about breaking it up, but figured that we'd be eating lunch soon enough and it was good for them to at least get a few minutes of energy out. I decided to kept my eye on them and listen instead.

About two minutes later I witnessed Tigger tackle Tadpole and inadvertently whack him in the crotch region. I waited for the scream, but instead Tadpole, in a very calm, adult-like voice, said, "Be careful! You can hurt a man like that."

Wonder who they picked that up from.


  1. I hope Thad didn't overhear Rudy say that to you at some point recently.

    Okay, that quote is soooooooo funny!!

  2. Hey! I think we were meant to know each other=) It's not every day you find another mom with 4 boys 4 and under...I only have a minute now, but after reading about your horrible night I think I'll have to come back to see how much else we have in common=) Lovely little boys! I'm happy I found you.