Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Returns

A sure sign of having lots of little kids presents itself when I need to return an item to the store. Inevitably the receipt was shoved into an already overcrowded purse in the first place, so it didn't stand much of a chance of staying neatly folded and safe. By the time a few weeks pass and I find myself regretting a purchase or teetering on getting busted by Hubby for an excessive Target bill, the receipt has probably been through the laundry, stuffed into a myriad of different pockets, or chewed or colored on or wadded into a golf ball by one of the kids.

This morning while I got dressed, Quatro laid in the middle of my bed and somehow reached my purse. (I tell ya, that kiddo is on the move... let the fun begin. Again.) Luckily I don't carry choking items such as loose change or diamond stud earrings, though it has been known to collect loose sticky Skittles or random cracked acorns.

And what did the little cutie find? The Target receipt that I had spent 45 precious minutes searching for last night. Which was not a good thing since I was headed there after school drop-off to return a few items I had purchased in a whirlwind, I-don't-have-time-to-actually-think about-whether-or-not-this-is-the-right-size/style/function shopping trip.

Here is the receipt after I managed to pry it out of his grip prior to him actually ingesting it.

As you may imagine, I was rather fearful that the good folks at Target would laugh in my face when I arrived at Customer Service. Smartly, I had the younger two children with me, kinda a defense for my argument.

I handed the young man the receipt. "Uh. What happened here?" he asked slowly. I pointed to my charming, grinning baby and simply said, "THAT happened."

"Uh. Oh. Okay. Well I can't really read this..." Of course he couldn't. But, he refunded it to me anyway.

Yet another reason to love Target, like I needed one...

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  1. It's always nice when you can play the "I have a crazy amount of small children, so cut me a break" card. But of course, they ARE the reason you have to play the card in the first place. Otherwise the receipt would be fresh and folded. Target is wonderful=) Oh, and I found your site by typing 4 boys or something like that into google.