Friday, June 26, 2009

The Last Firsts

Ah the joys of a newborn! I love those precious firsts – first time in his car seat, first neighborhood visitors, first time he shoots poo across the room while changing him in the middle of the night… precious they are, even though some (first time he leaves you with one cumulative hour of sleep the whole night!) may not seem so precious at the time.

In the whirlwind blur that is my mommy life, every day for the last four years has been full of firsts, and it is easy to forget them. I try to make notes in the journal that sits on my bedside table. As time goes on, finding those few moments to write becomes more challenging, the journal collects dust easier, and I as I drift off to sleep and realize I did not write today’s sweet firsts, I say a pleading, groggy prayer that I just “remember.”

This go ‘round is different, though: the last baby – the last firsts. I am trying to celebrate them and treasure them even more.

Because time is fleeting, my kids are growing quickly, and as a close friend of mine always reminds me, “this is the littlest your family will ever be.”

And THAT is precious.

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  1. That was such a sweet post. I can relate to some levels hoping to remember and capture precious and fleeting moments. :) Keep writing... it's good stuff!!