Sunday, June 28, 2009


Decibel (dB): a unit used to express the intensity of a sound wave

Typical average decibel levels of some common sounds (courtesy of and -er- my own personal home decibel measurement kit):

Threshold of hearing: 0 dB
Rustling leaves: 20 dB
Quiet home: 40 dB
Normal conversation: 60 dB
One Rudlet home/awake: 70 dB
Loud singing: 75 dB
Motorcycle: 88 dB
Food blender: 90 dB
Two Rudlets home/awake: 92 dB
Inside a subway: 94 dB
Power mower: 107 dB
Three Rudlets home/awake: 115 dB
Chainsaw: 117 dB
Amplified rock and roll: 120 dB
All four Rudlets home/awake: 125 dB
Jet plane: 130 dB

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