Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Tree! A Tree! Oh look and see!

Boys love trees. For a whole host of reasons, I imagine: they are teeming with bugs big and small, they cry out to be climbed no matter their height, they provide a place for forts and hideouts, not to mention the possibility of the age old boy dream, a "no girls allowed" tree house.

My boys are beginning their love of trees with a basic response to nature: an irresistible urge to urinate on every tree in sight. Is this my “fault” for letting them pee on a tree or two in the early days of potty training when you know you are not going to make it to the park’s nasty public bathroom in time? Is this a result of witnessing our dog in action from their earliest memories?

Even my newly potty trained 2-1/2 year old has this urge, asking if he can pee on a tree when we are outside instead of using the tiny, adorable portable potty that we have set up in the back yard for these early days of learning big boy peeing.

This must just be a boy thing, ingrained in their DNA and part of their makeup. I can honestly say, as a female, I have never – to my entire recollection – a thought how fun or cool it would be to pee on or anywhere near any sort of outdoor greenery. (Of course, I have had to out of sheer necessity, as there are always times when hiking or camping when you find you cannot hold it any longer and nature must take its course. This does not mean I enjoyed it or thought myself cool for doing so.)

On the bright side, looking forward to four pee-on-tree happy boys (that sounds like a Dr Suess-ish book idea right there – see below*), I may just have the most vibrant, healthy yard and garden in the neighborhood.

*A tree! A tree!
Pee on that tree,
Mom, may I pee upon that tree?
For I would like to take a wee
If you will just let me, gee!
There is no harm, oh can’t you see
For me to go and take a pee
Pee on that tree!
Pee on that tree!

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  1. Susan, this is hilarious! I too enjoy Seuss-like rhymes of the children's adventures! Thanks for the email advice, I added an email me button on my blog.