Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Precious Insanity

“You’re insane!” That’s the number one comment I get from both strangers and friends regarding my parental state: being a stay at home mom for four boys under the age of four [currently 3 boys and a quickly expanding pregnant bump].

They could be right. Or I could be a totally blessed, well-rested and emotionally stable Supermom, which is the way I prefer to think of myself – hey, whatever gets you through.

But more likely they are right: I am a wee bit insane.

My days are filled with wacky adventures, loads of little boy energy, excessive screaming, tender cuddles, endless motion, budding conspiracy and mischief, too little sleep, and lots of prayer. But I love every high and low and wouldn’t trade it for the world, and thus I’ve decided to share the insanity.

So here is a summary of my testosterone filled world: First is my husband of 5 years. When we were dating he said he wanted 8 kids. (We’re compromising on 4.) Leading the pack is my MALE pug dog Claussen (4). Then Tadpole (3), vintage 2005. Tigger (2) joined us in 2006. 2007 would have been boring without a new baby…Welcome Cubby (1). And Quattro is expected in May 2009.

Insane? You be the judge. Welcome to my happy, wacky asylum.

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  1. Love the "Player" pictures, especially "Quattro's" Too cute! You forgot to include a picture of yourself as one of the players.