Monday, July 26, 2010

Herb Hope

I may have some talents but growing anything green is not one of them. When it comes to keeping plants alive, I fail miserably, time and again.

Because I absolutely love to cook, I have always, always wanted an herb garden. Periodically I get inspired to try again, so I purchase a half dozen herbs and lovingly take care of them for approximately 10 days, when they inevitably begin to look like this (actually, this is probably the most success I've ever had; I think these lasted 3 weeks):

Enter my Master Gardener mother-in-law, and my inspired little gardeners who are convinced that if Mimi can grow an herb garden, we can. Last time my MIL visited she and the older boys bought and planted these lovely, gorgeous herbs. I couldn't help but look at them sadly, knowing that this is the greenest and healthiest they'd ever look.

But with reminders from the boys to water the garden, lots of cutting back of herbs, and the help of some organic insecticide stuff, I am happy to report that my herb garden is alive! The dill died and the cilantro succumbed to the Florida heat (or something like that), but the basil, oregano, rosemary, and thyme are thriving! We've also got a tomato plant, being taken care of by my husband, that is growing tall and nearly ready to produce our first tomatoes! Yeah!

You can tell I'm nutso about using all the herbs, because as excited as the kids are, Tadpole did see me head out to the herb garden with my scissors a few days ago and said to me, "Mom, are you cooking with basil AGAIN tonight?"

I love my fresh herbs!

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