Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Laundry Breakdown

No, I didn't have a breakdown doing laundry...yet... (despite the fact that my mom, who typically helps me do much of it, isn't going to be here this week).

My friend Shannon and I were talking recently about the colors of our loads, which led me to pay attention to colors and do this analysis.

For the past week, here is my laundry breakdown:

1 load bath towels
1 load swim towels
1 load sheets
1 teeny tiny load red/pink
2 loads white
1 load black/gray
1 load green
2 loads navy/denim blues
1 load mid and royal blues
1 load light blues
1 extra large load sweet baby blues

I guess when you live with five boys, you do a lot of BLUE laundry!

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