Sunday, August 16, 2009

The One-Handed Mom

Back-to-back babies – especially with colicky ones – and the various stages of clinginess and separation anxiety that they’ve each gone through, leaves very little time when I am not holding or carrying around at least one of my offspring.

Which means that for the last four years I have basically been a one-handed mom.

Most new moms become pretty adept at doing a variety of things with one hand, and with four straight years of babies under my belt, I feel confident boasting that I am now practically an expert.

Washing dishes? Clean as the dishwashing machine would do. Whipping up a batch of homemade muffins? As appealing and tasty as the bakery’s. Cooking and setting the table for dinner? Done before you can say “Speedy Gonzalez.” Cleaning the toilets? You could eat off of them, I didn’t miss a speck of bacteria. Folding five loads of laundry? Neater than Martha Stewart could fold 'em.

Want me to help a kid on the potty, put on another’s pair of socks, change the third’s nappy, and pay bills online all while holding a two-month old? Not a problem. Because when you have babies, that’s what you do – you cuddle and calm your little guy in one arm and learn to do everything else with your one free hand.

And if you’re wondering, of COURSE I type this blog with one hand!

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